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benjamin olawoye

My name is Benjamin Olawoye, I am the CEO and Owner of HarmonWeb, I love WordPress(WP), and passionate about learning new things related to WP which I also share on my blog. Despite the fact that many developers badmouth WP by saying it is for beginners, it is not secured, t is only used to create blogging sites and more (which are not true). I have decided to not listen to those myths and focus on getting the best out of WordPress development.

I started learning WordPress development in 2017, though I am a simple person and maybe that is the reason you don’t find my blog to have many designs. Lol, I just want to keep things simple and easy to read for my readers.

On the 23rd of May 2020, I launched a web hosting platform (HarmonWeb Solutions). This platform at first is designed to provide the most perfect shared web hosting solutions to bloggers and business owners across Africa but I was moved to expand it by adding other features. I did not just create this platform to make sales and make money, Nah, I felt the low hosting quality provided by most of the Nigerian web hosting companies and after studying their server configurations, I discovered they have low server specifications for shared hosting so I decided to configure a higher server to beat the standards of not just all hosting company in Nigeria but to hostings companies across the globe, this may sound funny but it is actually the fact. Check out our server specifications here>> https://harmonweb.com/services

I understand the Nigerian bloggers/developers needs in term of shared hosting and I’ve been committed to delivering the fastest and most secure shared hosting service, at the lowest possible rate, period.

Now, let’s talk about my skill in programming languages, LOL.. I hate stress and that is why I so much love WordPress to developing 90% of my projects. I have PHP/JS/Linux skill anyway. And I have friends who are real software programmers, we work had-in-hand to acheive great things.

My hobby? I love pressing my computer with internet access, lol. That may be kinda bad and it;s really affecting my personal life but I sincerely do not care. I don’t think there is much more things to know about me than where I learnt my skills, well! I’m a student of Udemy! lol… And I also studied practical computer engineering at Glogal Computer in Lagos. Any other thing you need to know about me, you will discover them i My blog posts…

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